My name's Jūlija. I'm a Canadian-Latvian who's been living in Latvia for the past few years. Having grown up with a huge respect for our beautiful ethnic costumes, I find it a pity, especially in Latvia, that the ethnic costume is so seldom worn. Reserved mostly for folk groups, dancers and singers, the average Latvian is lucky to add an ethnic element to their summer solstice celebration outfit. 

I believe we should take pride in our cultural heritage, and vainags.com is simply a place to offer elements of ethnic Latvian origin in a modern, everyday wearable way. 

This is a passion project that I've been contemplating and mulling over for over a year. One always wants things to be bigger and better, but I've decided that I simply have to take the plunge and start. I have a whole bunch of ideas that I want to turn into reality, like an embellished t-shirt project together with LaStroda, leggings, and some guy designs. So make sure to subscribe for updates if you want to hear about future developments. 

Jūlija and the embellished Nica's vainags shirt


Have any questions? Get in touch with me directly at julija.gifford@gmail.com